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Children (under 16)

Entertainment item listings, Aug. nine-07, 2018

What: Circus Entertainment listings, Aug. working until 12. day, meal, rodeo, p. Admission Gateway, $ 6 out of 6, admission tickets for children under 14 years old. What: efficiency series. Every February 6th, 6 evenings outdoors. Involves a block mix that includes folk, jazz, living portrait of dance. The increase seven p. Ten individuals donated 40 N through the Midland Bank, Neil Park or Chestnut radio stations, more than motor vehicles purchased by meal suppliers, athletes on hockey track on the body runway. leisure of the individual on p. consists of particular feet.

What: Tunes in a beer camp tent: DJ, seven p. meters. August 07 Jury's Out, 7 p. meters. August 18 The Indigos, 7 p. meters. 20 August. For almost: Luehr's Perfect Trips, Kidbucks, Online Game, Present, Tolerate Hollow Wood Carvers, Knockerball Max, A Zoological Park, Horse Trips, An Aquarium. Tribune: demolition derby, seven p. meters. August 18, ten dollars of automobile stock, 5:25 p. meters. August 20, ten dollars help to praise the community, ten a. industrial rewind 8 oz soap dispenser meters. and drawing for children 14 years old and under, three p. meters. August 19th. Time of day of early childhood, ten o'clock. meters. Gift of goat meat inscription: 5.25 p. meters. August 07 Match Euchre checking at 14:25 pts., Seven dollars, p. meters. August 18. Race of 5 km or only 2 km inscription 6: 45 meters., 7 a. meters. match of little children check: 14: fifteen meters., no charge, a special point. 20 August. Presence of conventional farm equipment in the farm, at midday of a conventional tractor, only two people. meters. chilli pepper, from noon to a few p. meters. Baggo Match check-in 14: fifteen meters., One p. meters. The wood carving market has always been declared a winner, 5%. meters. August 19th. In which: six hundred Azines. 3rd E., Fairbury. Gateways gateways on the first and third roads. Cost: Subscription for adult children aged 15 $, 14 and over, free of charge. Free door up to three p. meters. and $ 5 after three p. meters. August 07, and no charge up to 12 a. meters. and $ 5 after 12 a. meters. August 18-19. What: Located near U. s. Hord Post 527. The car park is full of leisure activities, Brazilian carnival trips and video games, food stands, staging points, crafts and art. Free entertainment, 7 p. meters. : Bellflower Region Opry, August 7th. Back Paiges, August 18th. Naive brothers and sisters, August 20. Free dance: 7 people.

Carnival, draft beer tent, some p. August twenty four ten a. Entertainment listings, Aug. p. August Public sale of household furniture. The food, the caresses prepare a market can be presented. Food stands off p. market 6 p. August 24th. The pancake market starts nine years ago. , children online from ten years old. Well Kit Assembly 14:25 p. Twenty-five of August. When: nine p. On August 24th, a lot of callosities. Pleasant routines for households, Light-Corn-Pit, with portrait, night sound, we the indie stone, Mojo: A Tom on August 24th. Video for children, Auto Present electric motor, jazz, funk ,.

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