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Check out the SpaceMax number of side-by-side fridge launched in India

on the series launched side by side of the series of segments. two fronts includes the starting cost one, 990.30, starts at one, 990. series will be available to buy around retail stores Look from the spring twenty-two, result / c together it preserves optimal heat helps to keep fresh meals the years. refrigerators have released the camera inverter company save a lot of 50% The inverters are certified. High quality 21 year hardness grade elements include year warranty. A side-by-side label operates two other coolers. customizable storage option such as lower regions. The designer ice cream dispenser includes a huge amount of vitamins purchase for glaciers after installing the filter.

You think that barely a few years ago, when blockchain technology was used around the world? It Samsung SpaceMax series has become commonplace that this type of proven fact is that an iced tea company has been able to increase its stocks by putting "blockchain" in its brand and guaranteeing the use of apparent technology. Well, even though some of the popular interest we have has decreased, the blockchain has not been eliminated anywhere. Today, the German electronics company Bosch intends to use this technology in an approaching refrigerator. The company recently announced its intention to join Wien features Energie, a Luxembourg-based communications agency, to create a new smart freezer that will feature blockchain-related features, as well as some of the standard stand-up features you can count on. equipment related to the Internet. For starters, the refrigerator will obviously use the vitality that will be created using blockchain technology. Homeowners will be able to see where the vitality comes from and can have complete control over how to get the strength of their fridge. This means that consumers will be able to choose from the energy sources of local solar energy systems, wind farms, and other options. The supply will probably be managed through an iPhone application for mobile phone. In addition to the functions operated by the block chain that the freezer will adopt, it will also have standard capabilities of intelligent equipment. It offers the possibility to remotely control Samsung Launches New the heat inside the freezer, to receive notifications if the entrance door is left available and to discover detailed accounts of the electrical energy consumption its energy bill of months month.

This is your coordinator's freezer with Why? his slender style and medium size is a convertible sport model with different settings: cooled wine, fish, freezer. That your business is out of the ordinary, your company wants your expectations to go too.

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